Facebook the Ever-Green GoldMine for Marketers

Facebook, the Ever-Green Goldmine for Marketers

Do you think Facebook is losing the ability to reach your audience? Is it no longer the marketing hub it used to be?

Think again!

With the internet reaching everywhere and users at an all-time high, Facebook is a go-to option to market your product. 

Ads are a resourceful route to take if you’re thinking about it. But how does one attract a cold audience on Facebook who is least interested to buy your product? 

Let’s dive deep into this article to know more!

1.    Trial and error

Don’t consume a lot of time thinking about which method would suit you best and go for the old-fashioned way and test your methods to reach cold audiences.

You will need to create a budget specifically for this “trial and error” on social media Facebook ads. The likes, dislikes, desires, and temptations of Facebook users change rapidly and if you’re going to choose an ad that successfully attracted people a year ago, your strategy may fail in producing desirable results now.

Experiment and learn through your errors. These estimated budgets cost you less in the short run compared to a full-fledged ad that will cost you high in the long run if it fails.

2.    Trusting your consumers to build customers

Yes, this is no doubt a safe and efficient option to consider. Think about it: if your Ad failed to satisfy your consumers, how will it turn the cold audience into your customers? This is why expert marketers recommend going native; by launching your Ad to gauge the reaction of your organic reach first, then focus on the cold ones.  

Any ad that fails to meet standards can easily be removed or dropped to avoid major setbacks in the future.

3.    Nothing is guaranteed

Let’s put it out there:
There is no guaranteed way to grab your cold audience without some risk involved

Now that this is out of the way, you should realize that there exists no magic wand to turn your cold audience to buy your product. Like LinkedIn, which offers premium subscription accounts to facilitate its users, Facebook has efficient tools related to Ads that can be utilized to bring the risk factor to a minimum.

Facebook audience insight can provide just the information you require. Ranging from demographic data to interests of your cold audiences, this tool also has information about people that Facebook gains through other, third-party avenues. 

4.    Make way through others

Don’t restrict yourself to Facebook. Now that Facebook audience insight has given you valuable insights you can start by following recommended or related interests on Instagram. This will open a whole world of new potential customers to you who Facebook missed. Reaching out to other social media platforms that are connected to Facebook is a better option to reach cold audiences than to smack the same tree again and again without receiving the fruit of your hard work.

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5.    Step two of trial and error

Testing doesn’t end here though. Now you need to reach an estimated size of your cold audience. It may be difficult to pinpoint an estimate but note that the goal is to come closest to the target. Out of the selected cold audience, you need to reduce some more. Start by isolating them and testing different ads to see how they respond. You’ll soon reach the audience that is most likely to buy your product.

This is how you can hope to reach your cold audience through ads on Facebook. With this, we end the article, we hope it helps you!