20 Top Social Media Websites to Rank Your Brand in 2023


Here’s a list of top social media websites where you can easily create your account and increase your brand popularity on the top 5+ pages on Google or other search engines. Find out which of these top 20 social media platforms will work best for your audience.

Top 20 Social Media Platforms Compared


Social MediaPopularity LaunchedHeadquarter
Facebook2.989 billionFebruary 2004Menlo Park, California, United States
Twitter372.9 MillionMarch 2006San Francisco, California, United States
Snapchat493.9 MillionJuly 2011Santa Monica, California, United States
TikTok834.3 MillionSeptember 2016Culver City, 5800 Bristol Pkwy, United States
Pinterest463 MillionJanuary 2010San Francisco, CA 94107, USA
Reddit861 MillionJune 2005San Francisco, California, United States
YouTube2.1 BillionFebruary 2005San Bruno, California, United States
Instagram2.35 BillionOctober 2010Menlo Park, California. USA
WeChat1.24 Billion January 2011Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Medium12.1 MillionAugust 2012San Francisco, California, United States
Bloglovin600 MillionFebruary 2007NY, New York. USA
LinkedIn134.5 MillionMay 2003Sunnyvale, California, United States
VK67 MillionOctober 2006Moscow, Russia
OK.RU45 MillionMarch 2006Moscow, Russia
Tumblr135 Million2007New York, New York, United States
Behance24 MillionNovember 2005New York, New York, United States
Flipboard156 MillionJuly 2010Palo Alto, California, United States
Diigo156 MillionsJuly 2006Reno, Nevada
Mastodon2.5 MillionMarch 2016Redwood City, California

Final Words:

Social media changed our life so much. Our life became more convenient because social media is a very useful tool for us in the 21st century, it could help us to improve our life. However, we have to be aware of how we use them. If we could use social media smartly, having social media will become a good change for us. As you’ve learned throughout this post, social media offers incredible benefits for businesses of all kinds. You can market your products, build an engaged audience, and turn leads into customers.

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