What’s the Biggest Technology Trend of 2023

What's the Biggest Tech Trend of 2023

Technology is growing at a rapid pace and hybrid cars and smart watches are small elements of innovation. There is so much more to explore and the hype of AI technologies invading the next generation’s thoughts, and lifestyle even their homes is just a few minutes away.

Well, imagine you walking to a world where people are traveling not just in hours but minutes, moving to your workplace you don’t talk to your scheduler for updates. Speak to the VR assistant and viola your work is done technology does it all.

In 2019, you will see 5G all over the place as today’s trends are following the footprints of this wireless technology. Many trends like AI, VR, and Machine learning were hype day after yesterday, and in 2019 are still making people crazy with their powerful presence.

What new technology is waiting for us we’ll discuss this in the following list below.

Big Tech Trend that Is Making People Crazy

Some tech trends are far from reality that are just making hype but when will it be visible no one knows. The future will be in our hands this tagline is emerging in a disruptive manner where people do think everything they do will be comprised of robots, AI software, and smart computers. According to the informative essay writing service, they have listed 5 big tech trends that must be invading a future lifestyle.

·         Is Facebook declining and Video Games are the new king?

Though Facebook is the leading social media superstar and has billions of user scale that are growing each year. Still, their popularity among youngsters is declining rapidly. Previously, Facebook was trapped in the controversy of privacy issues which led to making better plans for them in the future. As AR and VR are setting waves in every technology market they have invaded in the Facebook platform.

Facebook has introduced a virtual reality Oculus is driving technology to continue exploring new innovational products. Gamification, on the other hand, is likely sticking its way into youngsters’ minds. Thanks to Fortnight Amazon-owned Twitch are changing the communities to adopt Facebook-like experience through their platforms. Where youngsters can gather friends, chat with them and play immense games, and gamers forget Facebook-like platforms exist to them.   

·         Supercomputers are on their way

2019 will be New Year for computers to be more intelligent. Quantum computers are big for government, business, and growing industry, tech lovers are waiting for. The most awaited technology where fully functional and powerful resource supercomputers will help scientists to discover untouched treasures of the world. The supercomputer is not just a machine with exclusive innovational features but also contain cloud service solution. This cloud service solution will help companies manage, and secure their data effectively.

IBM is the first company to invade this technology and make use of super-intensive services already. Will big firms be able to explore the significant advantage and supremacy of quantum computers? Let’s see how 2019 shapes the race of secretive and rigorous technology coming the extra mile.

·         Where is my data stored?

As new technology is taking over in everything, most people’s concern is obvious where is my data stored? Just like when a student searches for coursework service they want all the data secure from the cookie.  

·        Is it secured or not?

 2018 was a big year for security concerns making waves as such Facebook and other companies try to overcome this problem immediately. Due to these problems, Facebook has invested heavily in VR and AR apps that can help you reach out to people. Moreover, through virtual avatars people can talk, communicate and even watch movies together in a far distant place. These technologies need to be secure and authentic so that no one steals your avatar.  

·         Tech for super Moms

Technology has certainly done great in every area it shadowed its visibility. Health tech is nothing better than that. There is good news for couples or women who are about to experience motherhood. The Internet is full of information about how to make the young ones secure or how to take care of them etc. Full of relevant and irrelevant information that is mostly falsely stated but no tech experts have designed a tool or a baby tech that can easily identify when is your infant sick. Want to know when you are pregnant then there is a technology for you, Proov is the progesterone ovulation test found by DR Amy Beckley.

People who think breastfeeding pumps are not having such innovations or dead inventions to indulge in such a market. You are absolutely wrong; there is an invention that you aren’t aware of. For all busy moms out there Medela has become creative and equipped with Sonata smart pump technology which means it can easily be adjustable according to the environment and the mother’s body to extract an equal amount of pumping sensations. 

·         Tech Disrupt Smartphones Industries  

2018 was a disruptive year for smartphones, as the revenue estimate for the last quarter was cut down in half. The graph shows the shift of the unexpected iPhone sales to be declining and on January 3rd make a breaking downturn of 10% in the same month.

The biggest retailer and smartphone producer Samsung has also experienced a downward shift in sales to be weakened. The biggest reason for this shift is probably every person on earth owns a smartphone.  The market for smartphones has been saturated that has given roads to other smart devices in categories. Though we see the declining phase of mobiles in the future we will also experience more innovation. We hereby witness QUALCOMM’s new Snapdragon 855 mobile processor which is faster and stronger than the 1996 computer.

The future is in our hand

For sure we will experience something different over the past years and still witness technology trends invading our lives.  What more to see in the future let’s wait and watch.