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How to Integrate Social Leads into Demand Generation

How to Integrate Social Leads into Demand Generation

New marketers still struggle to understand the difference between demand generation and lead generation. One of the reasons; demand generation has undergone radical change over the past 8 years. You may think it is simply about generating demand for the product and services of a business. However, it’s much more and is achieved through a comprehensive, gradual, […]

Child Kidnapping How Parents prevent it

Child Kidnapping How Parents prevent

For every parent that loves their child, this topic is a nightmare to bear in! We keep on hearing news on television again and again that one or another child has been kidnaped. It’s sad to see such headlines but as much as it breaks our heart it is true. Our children nowadays are dealing […]

Things You Should Consider When Buying Smartwatches Online

Things You Should Consider When Buying Smartwatches Online

So, you have decided to buy a new smartwatch? That’s great! Well, don’t be in a hurry, even if you have selected a model to buy as there are plentiful factors you should consider when it comes to buying. For instance, is the chosen smartwatch compatible with your smartphone? If you’re going to buy one […]

Top Reasons to Hate VirtueMart

Top Reasons to Hate VirtueMart

With the increasing trend of online shopping, many people are opening their online stores. Users find it easy to have a number of options for choosing their product services, delivery, and customer care. Amazon is the biggest online retailer selling products throughout the world. Seeing this, many new companies have been opened. To create an […]

Top 8 Reasons to Hate PrestaShop

We have access to a good number of platforms we can use for creating stunning e-commerce websites. Each of these platforms has its pros and cons. Some prefer Magneto while others think Woo Commerce is the ideal option for them. People have a different experience with these platforms so it is hard to decide which […]

The Ultimate List of Software Tools for Small and Start-Up Businesses

Software Tools for Small and Start-Up Businesses

Evolution of the Internet has redefined the approach to manage or run businesses. Especially for small businesses, one needs the right tools that not only improve business performance but also make your workday less hectic and demanding. Staying in tune with the demand, a large number of such tools is readily available to help you […]

5 Ways Small Businesses Boost Online Sales


For the last few decades, the Internet becomes an integral aspect of the grand success of any brand. Nowadays, people even can’t think of a day without accessing the Internet. It is the best medium to find any information, communicates with friends and relatives, make online payment possible or book holidays without any hectic. Now, […]

10 Ways to Create Social Media Buzz Around Your Product

10 Ways to Create Social Media Buzz Around Your Product

Social media platforms are one of the most powerful uses of the internet. The ability to share with the world is more appealing than ever. Almost all users of Spectrum internet plans are active on social media. In fact, Spectrum itself is also active on social media. Social media, when it started, was a simple […]

Product Branding -Why is it Important in The Digital World?

Product Branding -Important in The Digital World

Product branding is an important aspect of digital marketing these days. It is very necessary that an appropriate message is sent across the potential customers regarding your product or services. Regardless of whether you are offering small products like music, movies, online course, etc or physical products like electronic items, jewelry, or other tangible items, […]


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