Privacy Policy

This is the policy that is specially designed for those who are highly concerned with their policy. For those who are worried about how their Personally identifiable information will be utilized in new Technology. So, please read our policy carefully to get a clear idea of all how it will use.

What sort of information will be collected from the people who will visit this platform?

Most of the users can enter our website freely you won’t need to pay to enter the platform your entrance here is totally free. All you need to do is to enter your name, your bio registration

What We Collect User Information?

In order to fill out some of the newsletter or registration forms, when most of the guests enter our platform, we filled this information.

How will we use the information that you have given to us?

We will use the information that you will have given to us at the time when you have been landed on our platform. So, you can  sign up  for the newsletter, more over you can browse our website or you can also use another sort of site feature that has been mentioned below:

  • In order to make personalize the experience of the user and permit us to publish the type of content and offer the product that you have been interested in.
  • In order to improve our website so that we can serve our audience in a better way
  • To permit so that we could serve all our customers services in a better way
  • To manage a promotion,  poll, or contest in order to receive all the opinions

How will we protect visitors’ pieces of information?

Our website will be examined or persuaded for all the security holes, glitches, and all other types of vulnerabilities in order to make the Technology as safe as possible.

Your Privacy Rights And How To Contact Us:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about how we handle your personal information, then you may contact us by emailing admin@trendingtecho.com, or by clicking Contact Us on the Workspace website that directed you to this Privacy Policy.


Yes, we use cookies. Basically, cookies are those small files that our site will transfer it your computer. Moreover, it enables our customer’s services to perform in a better way. In addition to this cookies are vital to compile and aggregate all the information related to the site traffic and its interaction.

Third-Party Disclosure:

This does exclude our site-facilitating supplier and different gatherings who help us in working our site and serving you if they consent to keep this data secret.

Third-Party Links:

At times, in a site, we may incorporate outsider connections, items, or administrations on our site.

Google Ad:

Google ad is the most important feature that is served by us this is the reason why we are serving the best from our side and moreover. Google host a third party that is foremost for promotion purpose.

Third-Party Content Disclosure:

We permit clients to present their substance which incorporates Pictures, Recordings, and content on our site. We don’t permit clients to post copyrighted substances and media. If you found any copyrighted content on our site, at that point get in touch with us we will expel it quickly or will give you credit.