Believe it or Not, Your Child is a Bully

Believe it or Not, Your Child is a Bully

Bullying is nothing new. It has existed for decades. There was a time when teens, kids, and even young people were bullied at schools and colleges. Then it took to social media and has now become an improved form of bullying. Most of the parents have no idea if their child is a bully. There is a need that parents should understand and find out if their child is a bully.

It is also important to understand that children or teens that are bullied at school and show offensive behavior often turn out to become bullies in the future as well. This is one of the most important features of bullying. So the first thing parents need to do is to figure out if their child is being bullied at school and college or not.

Below are some traits or signs of bullies that will help parents know if their child is a bully.

Aggressive Behavior

This is one of the most common traits found in bullies. Kids or teens who are aggressive are often bullies. They had been bullied in the past, and this affected their behavior, so they also became cyberbullied sooner. Such teens and kids misbehave with everyone, no matter who. Parents also know their child is rude and aggressive, but they don’t relate it to being a bully.

Wrong Company

Here comes another sign that a child is a bully. A good number of kids and teens become bullies because they keep bad or wrong companies. Their social circle is known for all the worst reasons. They are the rascals in the town. This quality is enough to decide if your child is a bully or not. Parents need to be on the lookout to see if their child is keeping the bad company.

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Attention Seeker

A bully is always an attention seeker. They want popularity. The brain of such teens and young bullies has been affected, and it makes no difference to them if they damage anything or harm people for seeking attention and popularity. They want it in one way or the other. If they don’t get attention, they become violent.

Social Media Obsessed

We have already said that many teens become bullies because they are bullied on social media and dating relationship websites. They are often obsessed with social media sites. These platforms perform like their dose where they get their prey. They find young and teen girls and boys who they can bully as well. Parents need to understand how bullying and social media are interlinked.

Accuser and Fault Finder

It is a minor habit, but it can help find out if a child is a bully or not. The kids or teens who are bullies don’t like others. They start finding faults in everything. They are not happy with anyone. Things seem to be different to them, and they wish to see them happen as they want. An attention seeker is often a fault finder.

Violent and Extremist

This is the biggest sign of a bully. Teens and kids who were bullied in the past develop violent and extremist attitudes. They don’t care about it because it seems normal to them. However, this violent and extremist attitude of bullies is harmful to people near and dear to them. Parents often suffer because of their children when they harm others and end up in jail.

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What Should Parents Do to Deal with Bullies?

We talked about how parents can spot if their child is a bully. Now the important thing is what parents should do when they know their child is a bully. The first thing is to talk to them and make them understand this behavior is not healthy. Parents should also get the help of psychiatrists to curb this menace. Lastly, parents should use parenting apps to know better about their teen, the activities, and the social media engagement of the child.