Child Kidnapping How Parents prevent it

Child Kidnapping How Parents prevent it

For every parent that loves their child, this topic is a nightmare to bear in! We keep on hearing the news on television again and again that one or another child has been kidnaped. It’s sad to see such headlines but as much as it breaks our hearts it is true. Our children nowadays are dealing with a world full of chaos and brutality around them. The world has become a dangerous place for the younger generations that are to come and as much as we try to protect our children it gets harder and harder. One must prepare their kids and train them according to the fast-changing world.

The following steps should be taken if you are a concerned parent and want to protect your child for good.

Prevention is better than cure

You must be wondering how to prevent your kid from kidnapping. Well, you can’t always be the warrior who saves your kids but make sure you know when and where your kid goes, if you drop them at school or any institute then the parents must ensure they know the person who is to pick them up and the timings are confirmed. There are numerous cases where we have seen that the child is neglected, and such children are prone to be kidnapped. Even if your child comes from public transport or private buses make sure you know the driver as well as have his phone number

Set boundaries

Even if you try hard trying to prevent anything from harming your kid but there are situations where you can’t, in fact, do anything to protect your kid from danger. Your kids might pressurize you to send them to events or they might hang around with their friends and these are only some places that you might not be around to look after them or even have any other elder to look after them either. You must be friendly to your kids and in a friendly manner put boundaries.

The boundary is always important not only as a good way to discipline your kid but to also put a strict mark on where they are going and with whom. We know that you love your kid, but you must protect them also. They might not like the boundaries and discipline that is being put on them but you must always be friendly and make them understand that it is for their betterment even if they don’t realize it now we promise they will thank you later on.

The Digital World

As much as your kid might be fascinated by the digital world you must not be illusionist by it. The digital world is a curse on its own. Social media is taking over the world and so are cybercrimes. Your child’s kidnappers may easily be able to get the necessary information about you from social accounts. Make sure you keep an eye on your kid’s ongoing activities online. Also, know the people they his friends with and talk to but don’t be too pushy as your child might react differently when he observes such behavior from you.

It’s easier for people to stalk you in the digital world than anywhere else, so a walk-up call might be good to keep them at bay. Also, keep a balance and check on your child whom his talking and what he’s talking about, it’s very common to disguise yourself as someone else digitally you might not even know that the person you are talking to is even being honest with their identity let alone anything else.

Preaching your child

As much as careful you are you must also make your child understand these things for his betterment. You must try to explain to them the whole scenario in a very sensitive way you don’t want to scare them. Tell them that there might be a possibility an evil man approaches you and tries to talk you away, tell them to be careful and not talk to strangers or take anything from them either. If there is a cartoon that portrays what you are saying quote that too the kid will understand it quicker. Also, look at the way your child is there are some kids who are very sensitive while others tend to grasp everything without getting their emotions to get to them.

Deal with your kid accordingly, it might be the best idea to tell your kid in the form of a story or a childish way that might portray what you want to say in the moral of the story it will mature your child to be careful without getting scared. After all, your kid should be educated about the good and the bad in this world in a very playful way that makes them pretentious about their life ahead.  

Infographic: Child Kidnapping

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