Lina Jackie

Lina Jackie is a serial entrepreneur, author, and instructor. I possess the power of strong critical thinking, which can help the future progress of the company. My motto is to always make my company a famous one in this competitive market. Since the age of 10, I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I remember my dad wanted to purchase a hardware store in Mill Valley California. While he never actually went through with the transaction, from that day forward I had the entrepreneurial bug.
How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex - TrendingTechO

How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex


Directly from our youth days, we have been shown numerous things, however, sex unquestionably is the least instructed of all. Because of the absence of appropriate direction towards the subject, it has been kept in obscurity valleys of mysteries not talked about and, like everything kept in such mystery, it will undoubtedly detonate. Sex...

We’re in Love… Is it Okay to Have Sex Before Marriage?

We’re in Love… Is It Okay To Have Sex Before Marriage?


Presently the vast majority that will let you know not to engage in sexual relations until marriage most likely haven’t had a ton of sex outside of marriage and will offer you some response like since it’s a transgression or you are breaking a decree or something to that effect probably won’t sound good...

20 Top Social Media Websites to Rank Your Brand in 2023 - TrendingTechO

20 Top Social Media Websites to Rank Your Brand in 2023


Here’s a list of top social media websites where you can easily create your account and increase your brand popularity on the top 5+ pages on Google or other search engines. Find out which of these top 20 social media platforms will work best for your audience. Top 20 Social Media Platforms Compared Conclusion:...

How To Raise An Intellectually Child Creativity and Curiosity?


Child rearing styles bigly affect how youngsters form into grown-ups, and they are significant ramifications for their future achievement an examination by The Middle for Child rearing Training built up that youngsters are affected by the mentality of their folks – either decidedly or contrarily. Child rearing style is essential on the grounds that...

500+ Free Guest Posting Sites Where You Can Submit Guest Posts in 2023 [Verified List]


Basically, users can create a backlink in dofollow or nofollow to rank their website on search engines. There are many ways to create backlinks organically for example; Guestposting, Profile Creation, Blog Commenting, social media bookmarking, forum posting, questions and answers, classified ads, directories submission, and many more ways a user can create a backlink...