Types of Spine Surgery for Lower Back Pain

After diagnosing the situation and determining the possibility of success, a physician can help the patient determine whether minimally invasive spine surgery is suitable or not. There are numerous backbone surgical procedure methods available with the help of different spinal implants and instruments. Those techniques provide comfort mostly to the elderly who suffer from lower back pain.

Spine Fusion Surgery

This is a method that addresses spinal degeneration, scoliosis and uncertainty issues that may arise from injury or old age. The process involves the use of superior equipment that helps the surgeon to make small clean incisions to the back with an endoscope; a tube that has a digicam that runs into the site. This allows the surgeon to view the method on a tv with the utmost visibility.

The fusion takes place when the bone tissue is inserted among the bones to help it fuse jointly. For fast growth, a tiny screw or bone cage is located between the bones. Basically, the two vertebrae that are fused collectively prevent future movements that would cause pain.


Osteoporosis, cancer and its treatment including radiation and chemotherapy and hyperthyroidism can cause bone fractures in the spine. Kyphoplasty was invented to enhance the stability of fractured vertebrae.

Just like spinal fusion surgery, a small incision is made in the back wherein an endoscope is inserted near the injured bone. A modified balloon is inserted via the tube that has fluoroscopy that lights the way. The surgeon then uses X-images to inflate the balloon at the vertebrae point to provide a cavity. Finally, the balloon is eliminated, and a cement-like substance injected to stabilize the place immediately. The patient feels relieved after that immediately or within a few days.

X-stop Spacer

Lumbar spinal stenosis is a medical condition in which the passageways of the vertebrae where the spinal cord and nerve roots pass become narrow. This leads to pain in the groin, buttocks and sometimes either leg.

In this condition, the person will feel some relief when he/she bends over or sits down. This is because the spine releases pressure on the nerves thus easing the pain. Likewise, X-stop spacer is performed by putting an implant, a spacer, among the two bones that press together thus offering comfort.

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