How Social Media Can Scale Up or Down the Brand Image


The role of social media has improved for business. There are many examples of brands and businesses that built a great reputation on social media sites and went on to become successful companies. Nike used Facebook and social sites for its branding and was quite impressive in results. What it needs that you should know how to use a social media site.

You can’t implement Facebook policies and tricks on Twitter. That is because websites are different with a huge number of followers. They have different user bases with different aspirations, likes and dislikes, and ages. So all you need is to understand every social media and figure out how you can target these.

How Social Media Makes Brand Image

There are a lot of ways in which social media can make your brand image a lot better and more impressive. Even with this brand image, you can make more sales. Below are a few tips in this regard.

Trust Building

Social media sites are considered the best when it comes to building trust. These sites connect a brand or business directly with the customers. Both, the customer and the brand, have a great chance to communicate, share concerns, and feedback for improving services. When companies listen to social media users and improve their services, customers start to believe in such brands.

Increased Traffic

There are billions of users just on Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other sites are not included. The traffic is huge, which the brands and companies need to run their businesses. When you promote your brand on social sites, the customers move to your website. They visit the site, take action and become your clients. You start getting more clients through social media platforms.

Better Site Ranking

Google considers a lot of things, more than 200 factors when it ranks websites. The more traffic a brand gets on its website, the faster and better it will rank. Apart from this, when you get clients you start improving your services. In between all this, many ranking factors are improved that help you get a better site ranking.

How Social Media Breaks Brand Image

We have seen how social media websites can be used for improving brand images, and site ranking, and attract more customers. On the other side, there are many things that show what social media can do with a business and how it can break a brand. Let’s talk about those.

Not Responding to Negative Feedback

Social media sites make it easy for a customer to buy an online thing, share feedback and write reviews. Many consumers leave negative reviews when the brands don’t give enough care to the customers. If such reviews are left unentertained, they affect the new customers. Companies start losing new clients and the brand faces a huge loss.

Promoting Products Too Much

Sometimes promotions seem fake as they are too good to be true on social media websites. It has been seen that many brands make their campaigns too promotional which users believe is fake. People on social sites have become more tech-savvy and they can understand such things. It is better to be moderate with your campaigns.

Wrong Social Media Marketing Campaign

Many companies have faced backlash in the past on social media platforms for controversial marketing. Gillet is one of the recent examples when it targeted men in a video campaign. The same goes for other brands. Making mistakes in marketing on social media can prove deadly for a business and can ruin the whole of the work and efforts.  

Poor Customer Care

Customer care service on social sites plays a pivotal role in making or breaking a brand. If you follow the path of bad service, no strategy can save your business. That is why brands that show a quick response, resolve customer issues and help them in every possible way are more successful because of good customer care on social media platforms.