Top Reasons to Hate VirtueMart

Top Reasons to Hate VirtueMart

With the increasing trend of online shopping, many people are opening their online stores. Users find it easy to have a number of options for choosing their product services, delivery, and customer care. Amazon is the biggest online retailer selling products throughout the world. Seeing this, many new companies have been opened.

To create an online store, you need to have an e-commerce website. Such websites are different than other websites. For e-commerce sites, the owners need to offer products in listed forms, great customer care, better user experience, payment gateways, and other features. To incorporate all these things into a site, a platform is chosen. There are many content management systems like Magneto, WooCommerce, Joomla, and others. Virtue-Mart is one of these.

People who have been using VirtueMart as their platform for e-commerce sites reported a number of serious issues. We are going to discuss these problems and see where VirtueMart is making mistakes and why the users hate this content management system when it comes to creating e-commerce sites.

Poor Performance

The performance of an e-commerce website is the most important thing. It must be top-notch in order to improve user experience and offer them better services. But with Virtue-Mart this is not the case. People who developed their sites using this platform reported serious performance problems. They told the site has a poor performance which affects their sales.

Functionality Issues

Here comes another reason why a lot of people hate VirtueMart. Functionality is what we call the compatibility of themes, plugins, and other features. When the users want to update the plugins or different features, the platform is not supported. It even leads to further issues. Users are unable to restore the site to the previous settings. It is making people hate Virtue-Mart.

Bad Customer Service

For e-commerce websites, customer service plays an important role. When the site is down or has some issues, they need instant help and support. But Virtue-Mart is notorious for its services. Users reported they submit complaints but get no response or feedback over their issues. This is troublesome. Such users then have to switch to other content management systems in order to make their sites functional.

Serious Coding Problems

Development and updates continue once the website is final and launched. A good website creating platform helps out the users and developers to add new features and introduce better options. Most of the e-commerce platforms are really good in this regard. But we have received many serious complaints regarding the coding issues of VirtueMart. Users say they face a lot of issues while they tried to develop and recode the websites.

Incompatible Plugins

Plugins are the third-party apps or sources that add new features and options to websites. For example, for SEO, plugins are used. Similarly, there are security plugins. The developers who create plugins update them with time and release better versions. But with VirtueMart, you will get the outdated ones. The reason is that this platform is not used widely. Developers find it useless to update the plugins because they don’t get enough sales.

Out-dated Themes

Themes are necessary to make a site look stylish, more attractive and user-friendly. Most of the e-commerce platforms offer a variety of themes to the users. But when it comes to Virtue-Mart, users feel restricted. They have limited options to choose from the themes. Moreover, most of the themes are also outdated which makes VirtueMart a bad choice for e-commerce websites.

Serious Security Flaws

Security remains the top priority of business owners when they create their websites. Due to increasing hacking attacks, security has become even more important for e-commerce websites because they have users’ payment information. If you are planning to use VirtueMart as an e-commerce platform, this will give you a tough time because it is not safe. There are a number of security flaws which can make your website data as well as user information vulnerable.

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