Top 8 Reasons to Hate PrestaShop

We have access to a good number of platforms we can use for creating stunning e-commerce websites. Each of these platforms has its pros and cons. Some prefer Magneto while others think Woo Commerce is the ideal option for them. People have a different experience with these platforms so it is hard to decide which one the best is. But there is a new platform which going all over the internet and that is PrestaShop.

This platform is going very popular these days for all the good reasons. But there are some users who believe PrestaShop is just a shit and can never be a good option when it comes to creating an online store website. The users have reported several issues with this platform which we are going to discuss below.

1.    Slow, Very Slow

Here comes the top issue most of the users have reported. They have been using other content management systems for their e-commerce websites and tries PrestaShop as well. But they were really disappointed with its performance. The platform is very slow and lazy. It makes it hard for users to create websites and perform efficiently.

2.    Ugly Design

This is another issue many people have reported. Even the users say the new update also has a bad and very ugly design. The interface is not very supportive when it comes to the users. The interface of the content management system is one of the important things which help the users to perform their tasks easily. But PrestaShop is not what the users were expecting.

3.    Bad URLs

The PrestaShop content management system is also reported to have issues with the URLs. A lot of people take this issue very serious because bad URLs can affect your website ranking. The visitors are not comfortable when the site has bad URLs and they are not working. Users don’t get many options with PrestaShop to tweak the URLs.

4.    No Bug Fixes

This platform is all about bugs. Users have tried their best to report the issues but nothing has been done in this regard. Many stopped using PrestaShop because of the bug and bad customer service. No one wants to have a website for their store with so many bugs. It affects your sales and revenue. You can start losing the website has bugs and is not very impressive and responsive.

5.    Very Basic and Limited

The tools, features, and options offered in PrestaShop are very basic as well as limited. Users want to explore this content management system but they are unable to find something unique and exceptional. If people want to switch from one platform to PrestaShop, they should have reasons why they should do so. But PrestaShop has failed to offer the users with the advanced features and new options to customize their websites.

6.    Bad Customer Service

A lot of people have complained about the customer service. It is simply shit. Users submitted their issues and wanted a response from the customer care representatives. But they did get nothing in response. They could not fix the issues. When people use your service, pay for it and have issues, it is your responsibility to resolve their problems and let them feel relaxed. But this is something PrestaShop doesn’t care about at all.

7.    Not User-Friendly

Bad URLs, slow speed, and a lot of bugs- with all this a content management system can never be user-friendly. The users expected it to be top-notch in this department but it turned out to be what they did not expect. It disappointed the users who had high hopes with PrestaShop.

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8.    Makes Websites Slow

And lastly, your website is fucked with PrestaShop. When you create your e-commerce website with PrestaShop, it is never a good website. Slow speed, slow response, slow loading pages, many bugs, bad design, ugly interface and whatnot. Think ten times before you use PrestaShop for creating a website for your online store.

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