Meet The World’s Hottest Female Firefighter Who Can Lift a Truck

Meet The World’s Hottest Female Firefighter Who Can Lift a Truck

Have you heard of a female firefighter who has developed a multitude of Instagram adherents on account of her great looks and wellness tips is none other than Gunn Narten? She is 30, hails from Norway, functions as a fitness coach as well and is so solid she can even lift a discharge truck. Unbelievable, No? Saving people from fire and setting the internet on fire at the same time elaborates her well because her killer looks would make you unable to move your head here and there. And it is true that this title doesn’t even come close to justify her amazing looks. Her Instagram fans have decided there couldn’t be a hotter firefighter in the world right now. The blonde beauty went viral when her Instagram pictures of herself in bikini and fitness attire captured the world’s eyes and hearts within seconds. She had fans before this particular picture but this worked as a catalyst and it was after posting this picture that the number of her followers started to increase rapidly. This really made her star overnight and millions of people were just sharing her photographs. On the other hand, she is also a courageous hardworking, career oriented girl and she makes sure not to get her career get compromised amidst all this fame and glamour. The balance, she tries to make in her life at all times is something to follow for all the ladies out there.

Gunn has been posting images of her life behind the scenes. This is because she was moved by the ever-growing fan following of hers and wanted to share a piece of his personal life with her followers so that they could feel much closer to her and valued. This was no doubt, a much-appreciated move by her. There are lots of intense workout videos and other sizzling hot pictures. After all her profession is not an ordinary one and demands a lot of hard work and physical fitness on her part and she is not shy to give it all. Gunn became a firefighter when she was only 20 years old. According to her, she has been in countless frightening situations but she very rarely gets scared of her work situations. Her braveness and high spirits are well regarded by her department as well. Therefore while keeping herself fit through vigorous exercise and workout she takes this opportunity to also share it with her followers. Not only does she work full-time in emergency services, but she’s also a personal trainer and an avid CrossFit fan. She does weights, running and swimming alongside her male colleagues. What an amazing lady!

Firefighter Who Can Lift a Truck

Gunn has 114,000 fans on the social media application so far and the number is increasing at all times. To be honest she is just getting started and I’m sure the future holds much more for her let alone the number of fans. Ironically, she wants to encourage people to “drop your phone” and enjoy life. How do you drop your phone when Instagram is literally on fire with her photographs? This also shows her polite and caring side although she carries her phone to share her moments with her fans at the same time, she wants her followers to care for themselves and try to use less phone and indulge more in physical activities.

Gunn is not shy about showing off her impressive physique wearing bikinis in front of the world’s most breathtaking places and what else one could wish for. She is an amazing girl with beautiful looks and inspiring career. However, it’s not all about her looks only. Her daring career path and the way she cares for not the only ones around her but also for her followers and community at large is truly inspiring. She is definitely is a role model for all the young girls out there. She is a living example that nothing is impossible and your gender must not be an obstacle in the way of your career choice. You can be whatever you want and can excel in any walk of life. We have all the best wishes for not only her but all the young girls out there aspiring to make something out of their lives.

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