Improve Your Team’s Productivity with these 5 Communication Tools

Improve Your Team's Productivity

Running a successful office is an amalgamation of various things. However, the most important aspect is the “communication” part, whether it’s online or offline. As everyone is so much occupied at the workplace, it’s evident to have a communication tool that can flawlessly fulfill the needs of everyone. 

How communication tools can help an organization?

Well, it permits each and every employee to 

  • Share their opinions, ideas, and even the smallest of inputs that can do wonders for an organization, 
  • It speeds up the working process
  • It boosts the efficiency as time radar provides answerability 
  • It puts less pressure on employees, and hence, increases the level of job satisfaction
  • Employees can operate from outside the office with a similar level of productivity
  • It makes it easier to carry out remote meetings and discussions in real-time.  

Below is a list of the best communication tools for an organization that is loaded with amazing features, enough to skyrocket the productivity of your organization.  



It is currently one of the most popular integrated communication software that allows employees to simplify their day to day tasks; as it’s more than just a chat. The best thing about slack is that allows integrations with other apps, which makes it easy to communicate via multiple apps at a single interface. With it, you can keep the messages and information in a shared but ordered manner. Slack certainly has all the ingredients to improve the communication and the workflow of any kind of organization. Its user-friendly interface will give you feel of a formal version of the social networking sites. For instance, emoji reactions that will remind you of Facebook. Slack has a provision that allows you to convert any chat conversation into a small-channel for that specific topic.

Features of Slack:

• Team Channels and Messaging

• Message History Access

• Reminder

• Two-Factor Authentication

• Custom User Groups

• App Integrations

• Group Calls

• Video Calls

• Google OAuth

• Hip design and copywriting

• A large number of integrations

• A wide range of powerful features

• Search within uploaded documents

• Profound notification management

• Highly customizable workspace


The makers of Slack tried their best to present something as a replacement for Skype and succeeded to a great extent. However, it’s still a challenge for it to replace the royal customers of Skype because of the lack of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a technology for delivering voice communications and multimedia sessions.  

Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM is a versatile customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Zoho CRM integrations facilitate the businesses to handle their contacts and acts as a self-operating tool for email marketing, and the complex lead generation process. It’s a highly comprehensive tool that is loaded with every possible CRM related stuff you could wish for. It has all the basic features to ease-up the customer management requirement. It can easily be customized which tells a lot about its flexibility. Moreover, it’s almost impossible to lose a client’s details with it. So, look for ZOHO consultants who can give you an overview of these services. 

Features of Zoho :

• Sales Automation 

• Product Customization

• Workflow Management

• Artificial Intelligence

• Reports and Analytics

• Social Media Integrations

• Marketing Automation

• Team Collaboration

• Inventory Management

• Third-Party Integrations


It has been observed that users are not satisfied with the additional purchases compulsion, which makes it more effective overall.  

Google Hangouts


It’s almost impossible not to include a Google product. It allows you to utilize various communications channels like text, voice or video chats. It’s easy to use and is accessible with a decent internet connection via a Google account. Moreover, its biggest asset is that it lets you integrated with the Google community, as when you aren’t able to send something via hangout, you can send it via Gmail. 

Features of Hangout:

• Status Updates of Staff     

• Rapid Messaging      

• Activity Feed          

• Instant Notifications      

• Comments and Voting       

• Easy for Discussions            

• User Directory Provision   

• Audio Calls      

• Video Calls      

• Screen Sharing         

• File Sharing          

• Recording              


With the tool, the user is bound to use either the in-your-email or the chrome add-on, which has limitations in terms of notifications.



It’s a perfect messaging tool for organizations as it offers all-in-one chat; video and file-sharing medium increasing the efficiency of the team. This highly efficient messaging tool that takes only a minute of yours to go through. Moreover, its array of features compels to work smartly and be more competent. It has all the tools to speed up many of your company’s projects as it offers a great way to coordinate within the organization as well as the clients globally.  

Features of Chatwork:

• Secure messaging

• Task management

• File sharing

• Audio and video calling

• Automatic notifications


• Collaboration Tools

• Collaborative Workspace

• Communication Management

• File Management

• SSL Security

• Search Feature


The main area of concern is that its notifications at times get delayed. Its task management component in the form of notepad presentation is not that effective. Moreover, its task assignment feature lacks the checklist feature, which makes it a bit tedious.  



And, last but not least, Skype. Although there are so many communication tools available, this evergreen messaging tool still holds a spot in almost every list of such kinds. Its USP has always been the online messaging and video conferencing feature that merges with Office 365. With the assistance of this tool, it’s easy to carry out the conference calls flawlessly with an option to share the screen. Its rapid messaging option provides the exchange of information easily from anywhere. Moreover, a phone number can be redirected to Skype, which makes it convenient to take calls, even if you are not in the office.       

Features of Skype:

• Screen Sharing

• Cloud Storage

• Video/Audio Recording

• Server Deployment

• Whiteboarding

• Cross-Device Communication

• Phone System


Though its phone redirection option is good, at times it gets difficult to find out the good connection through mobile phones. Moreover, it has also been observed that despite having decent internet connectivity, at times it’s a struggle with the Skype mobile app.

Summing it up

A sound communication between employees from various locations at all hours can be demanding, but it’s very much feasible with these amazing communication tools. You just have to analyze the requirements of your organization and based on that start looking for one of the options from above mentioned. Remember, usually organizations keep on flipping with the communication tool options, but we would suggest you stick with one tool, at least for some time. 

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