How to Redo a Small Space

How to Redo a Small Space

Our personal spaces in urban areas are shrinking. From sprawling homes to small apartments — our homes are today smaller than they used to be. Part of it is the soaring cost of land and the other part is overpopulation. We have to live in smaller homes because no city can accommodate so many of its residents otherwise.

But small homes do not mean cramped living. We can make even small apartments seem spacious by following just a few tips and tricks — using glass with fittings from glass door fittings manufacturer and using the space intelligently. These are just a few ways to make your small space work for you.


The first rule of small space is to use your area intelligently. When all you have is a few square feet, you cannot afford to be a hoarder. It should be all about essentials. Declutter everything you can — from unnecessary stools to pots and pans. You can give these away to friends and family or hold a garage sale. Think about what you absolutely must have and then keep those. Now think of where everything will go. If you cannot find a place for it, it has to go. You’ll be surprised ay how little you actually need. But this does not mean that you have to discard everything you love. Just pick and choose wisely.

Multi-utility Furnishing

When it comes to furnishing, look for pieces that have multiple uses. When you use the same furniture for two different purposes, it allows you to save precious space. For instance, tables that can double up as stools are handy in a living room. Similarly, an old trunk can double up as a storage area and the coffee table. A wooden chest can get a new lease of life with a glass top, fitted from glass door fittings manufacturer.

Using The Right Layout

How do you induce an illusion of space? By creating a large clear space. This may seem contradictory in a small apartment, but it is actually the best solution. Plan your layout so that there are no small pieces lying around, especially in common areas like the living room and dining room. Push the sofa or the dining table against the wall. Discard the center table in the living room. The fewer things around your room, the more spacious it will seem.

Knocking Down Walls

Walls create breaks in your line of vision. So, our walls wherever you can. Living-Cum-Dining space is one example. Open kitchens also open up your space. However, this must be done carefully. An architect will keep beams in place to see that structural integrity is not harmed.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are perfect for small spaces. They can provide a barrier while keeping your line of vision free of any obstruction. French windows in balconies or garden are a popular option for small houses. With the right glass door fittings manufacturer, you can ensure that does have the right locating mechanism when installing in the outer perimeter of the house. Glass doors allow the illusion of space by removing walls and providing a clear view. Glass also allows light to flood in, creating a light, airy space.

Think Vertical

Since spreading horizontally is not possible, think vertical. Cities with cramped space expand vertically. So, apply the same logic. Instead of lamps, move the lighting to the walls or the roof, use shelves overhead for books or other odds and ends, think of lofts for storage or even for private spaces. Even simple measures like vertical patterns on wallpaper can create this illusion.

Open Up Your Space

Open up space as much as you can. Apart from French windows, add big windows, skylights and other means to create an open space. Instead of walls, add removable partitions which can be moved as per your requirement. This also applies to vertical space. Rooms with high ceilings appear more spacious. Similarly, in two-story homes, the upper floor can be built like a loft. The more open your space is, the more spacious it would seem. It also allows the light to flood in. Contact a glass door fittings manufacturer to find more options.

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