How to Move Heavy Furniture

How to Move Heavy Furniture

Generally, moving heavy furniture is considered a problem. You tired, feel pain in your body and are forced to seek the help of your friends. Buying a new piece of furniture can be a little rewarding and complicated because you know you should drag it. Nevertheless, if you use the appropriate techniques, you can easily move a heavy piece of furniture.

Method 1: Moving heavy furniture with slider pads

·         Obtain furniture pads

You can buy a good size skates at a household goods store or at your local hardware store. Large chains of furniture and furnishing products will certainly sell these products. If you plan to move a piece of furniture to place it on the carpet or lawn, you should buy special pads to do that. If you do not have slider pads, you have the option to make use of Frisbees.

·         Place them under each corner of the furniture

Lift each corner and place a skid underneath, so that the soft edge is facing the ground. This will decrease friction and make moving easier.

Push the furniture.

When you have placed the pads under the corners of the furniture, you can start pushing it. Seeking help from others will help ensure that the furniture does not tip over. Push them down instead of up to reduce the risk of tipping over. Skates eliminate almost all friction and furniture should move smoothly.

Method 2: Use additional equipment to move furniture

Method 2: Use additional equipment to move furniture

Use a belt lift system. These are two shoulder straps that allow you to lift the load without putting pressure on your back. These straps help you use your strongest muscle groups while giving you better leverage. You have the opportunity to buy them on the Internet. It is not recommended to use this lifting system to move furniture by stairs, as the weight is almost entirely transferred to the person at the bottom

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Make use of moving blankets

Instead of using skates, you also have the opportunity to serve you blankets which are usually designed to keep them safe furniture when moving. They work the same way as the skates, although you have to place all the blanket under the furniture. As soon as you put it in place, you can start pulling it in the desired direction. The furniture should slide with it. This is easier than trying to lift all the furniture. If you are required to move heavy furniture up the stairs, you can fold some blankets and place them on each step to turn your staircase into a sort of makeshift ramp. Once done, you have the option of placing another blanket under the furniture and pulling the edge to move it up the stairs. If they are very steep, you better tell a friend to stand at the back of the furniture to maintain stable. But if you hire a moving company House Removal Epsom, it will move your furniture without any damage at a very reasonable price.

·         Place an illustrated magazine under the corners of the cabinet

 This type of surface reduces friction with the ground, allowing you to slide the entire load. In this way, you will not damage the floor and feel the weight of the object, but it is very likely that the magazine is destroyed.

The fact that someone helps you lift the corners of the furniture while you place the magazines can make the process easier. You also have the option of placing the paper on the floor, lifting the corners yourself and pushing it under them with your foot.

Method 3: Move heavy furniture manually

Move heavy furniture manually

·         Use the extreme point method

This technique requires two people, but it works well if you have to move large pieces of furniture manually, such as a bookcase or a large dresser. Tilt the furniture backward, so that one person keeps the upper part while the other side is kept on the ground and the second person keeps the lower part. Hold this angle as you move the object.

In doing so, you do not have to lift the furniture completely when you are ready to put it upright. In addition, the incline will allow you to go up and down stairs more easily.

Flex your knees and hips as you lift the furniture

Use the strength of your legs and torso to lift a heavy piece of furniture instead of bending your waist and using your back. You can really hurt yourself if you try to use your back. Thighs are strong and less prone to injury.

·         Pass the sofas or armchairs by corners

Turn this furniture sideways to form a letter “L”. This will allow you to move sofas or armchairs more easily through narrow doors and sharp corners. It is very difficult to move heavy furniture through doors without having to maneuver with mistakes and attempts.

First, pass the back of the sofa through the door or corner, then swivel around the door frame so that it can easily pass.

If you do not know how to bend your hips, start by squatting. Then lift the furniture from this position while using your legs to get up.

·         Remove the feet from the heavy tables and drawers from the dressers

The more you lighten the furniture before moving, the better. Removing the feet from a heavy table will make it unwieldy. If it cannot be divided into separate pieces, move each section one by one.

To divide a piece of furniture into its components is always an excellent tactic. Remove each drawer from the dresser before moving it. In this way, you can carry the drawers individually and then return to the furniture.

Remove everything from the library before moving it

Attempting to move a library full of books will be a very complicated task. It will be much heavier and you should worry about balancing it so that nothing falls. Take the time to remove the books to save time and energy in the long run.

Remember to hire movers

 If you cannot find anyone to help you, do not even try to go down the stairs with a large dresser. You could damage the house, break furniture or seriously injure yourself. Seeking the services of a moving company House Removal Twickenham is relatively inexpensive if you only want to move a few items. Find out about the services of moving companies in your area and call them for a quote.

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