How Search Engines Work & Ways to Improve Your Search Results

How Search Engines Work

Understanding the search engines work and how their ranking system operates is what almost every company is working on these days. Why you ask. Because in case of any inconvenience, people no longer blame their Internet service. And rightfully so. For instance, frontier vs spectrum, however, the majority of the complaints are about the website.

If you have a website, this blog will help you know about how search engines work. And the ways in which you can improve your search results.

How do Search Engines Work?

A search engine performs three primary functions. These include:

  • Crawl.
  • Index.
  • Rank.

For those of you who are not aware of these functions, here is a little detail regarding them all.



Crawling refers to the discovery process where the search engines send a team of robots they refer to as crawlers. These crawlers or spiders are trusted with the job of looking for updated and new content against a query that someone punches in. The types of contents can vary. From webpage to a video, it can be anything.

What Google bots do is that they start fetching the web pages and then follow all the links present on them. This helps them to find new URLs.



Indexing is the way by which search engines interpret as well a store your pages. Once you make sure that your site has been crawled, next comes indexing. You must not fool yourself into thinking that just because the search engine crawls through your website it would store it in its index too.

An index is a place where your pages that the search engine discovers get stored. After crawling through a page, the search engine analyzes its content. All of this information gets stored in its index.



After the Google bots crawl through your pages and add the content on the index, it’s now time for the search engine to rank your page. For this purpose, the search engines use algorithms. The algorithms enable the search engines to rank the pages in order of relevance. Google makes algorithm adjustments almost every day. No one knows why Google makes changes to its algorithms so often. But it is the world’s best search engine so you need to obey whatever rules it introduces.

Now let’s find out how you can improve your search results.

How Can You Improve Your Search Results?


Use Natural Language

If you wish that the search engine finds for you exactly what you are looking for, then you should use natural language. Do not confuse the search engine with fancy and flowery language. You can do without using words like ‘and’, ‘to’ and ‘it.’ One can just use a direct question instead of focusing on the keywords. The search engine will find the results for you regardless.

Check Your Spelling

Although the search engine does not care about you entering a direct query without any helping words it does pay heed to spellings. Try to add correct spellings. Because it so happens that at times the wrong spelling actually means a word in some other language. The search engine will then display results for that particular word for you.

Be Specific

When you type something in the search box, be very specific about the words and phrases that you use. If you write anything inside the quotes, it will be searched exactly as it is. However, you will have to make sure that you avoid typos when writing a query inside quotes. Because then the search engine won’t respond.

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Exclude a Word from Search

You can even exclude a particular word from a search. All you have to do is add a minus sign and write the word you want to exclude.  This is helpful in cases when a search term is too ambiguous. You won’t have to look at results that you did not wish to see in the first place. Thus, saving you the hassle.

Search for Prices

When searching for the price of a particular product, you can add the dollar sign. However, this feature only works for the dollar currency. Google even allows you to search for a certain price range. All you have to do is add two dots between the two prices.

Other than all this, you have to make sure that your Internet is fast enough to display the results within seconds. You can try FiOS internet only. You can choose to go with any other telecommunication company. But for me, their service has never given any Internet downtime.  And calling the Customer service number has never disappointed. The courteous reps are knowledgable and assist you till your issue gets resolved. But you go for whichever suit your needs best.

Companies and businesses these days spend a major portion of their time searching for ways to improve their rankings on the Search Engines Work.

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