Tested and Proved Strategies to Get 500+ High-Quality Backlinks in 2020


Organic traffic is a must-have for every website and one of the best ways to gain organic traffic is with the help of backlinks. Websites that have high-quality backlinks are preferred by search engines like Google. The first and foremost thing that Google Crawler looks for in a website is for backlinks to know how the web pages are connected with each other. The backlinks are like provide high authority for your website and they will help in ranking high in SERPs too.

Well, how to build high-quality backlinks and improve website traffic? You are going to see six smart and tested ways that will help in building high-quality backlinks for a website.

  • Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to reach more audiences. You can publish blogs and articles on other websites and link them back to your site. There are some websites that are misusing this opportunity. So, it is important for you to choose the right kind of website that will help you reach more audience and do not spam your site at the same time.

If you want to know the best websites where you can contribute articles in your industry, then search for

  • Industry+ write for us
  • Industry+ submit or
  • Industry+ guest posting

You will get a list of websites where you can offer a guest posting. Choose the one that has better engagement and check how a search engine works.

  • Build Backlinks from Infographics

Infographics are a great way to attract organic traffic and SEO also gives utmost importance for them. You can hire a graphic designer and get some infographics about your business with them. Then you can approach bloggers and writers from your same industry and ask them to publish your infographic on their blog for backlinks. This way you can get quality backlinks for your website.

You can also submit these infographics for various websites like Infographic Journal, InfographicBee or Visual.ly too. Ensure that the infographic is neatly designed and can capture viewers with ease.

  • Post Content on LinkedIn and Medium

Although LinkedIn and Medium do not offer do-follow links, publishing posts and articles on those platforms will generate no-follow links. These no-follow links will also bring in required traffic for your website and they are helpful. You can post the content on these platforms and reach out to a wide audience there. You can write content and add your link with them, also replicating your content on these platforms will bring you a wider reach.

  • Post Engaging Content on Your Website

Content is always the king and there is no doubt in that. You can create some interesting and engaging blog posts online to attract a number of audiences towards it. The key to creating interesting content is to give something interesting and meaningful to your audience. Give the required information and you will surely get a lot of traffic to the website which helps in backlinking.

Write posts about how-to’s, step by step guides as it will help the audience learn few things.

  • Broken Link Building

Most of people ignore these broken links but if used properly, you can leverage them and gain some interesting benefits. Broken links are created when a page is moved or deleted and you will see a sign of 404, page not found. You can find such kinds of broken links by searching about them using tools like checking my links.

Find the relevant website for your niche and use that broken link for your backlink. You can visit that website owner and inform them about the broken link first. They may appreciate your efforts and now pitch in your idea of using that link.

  • Write Reviews and Testimonials

This is like a barter service where you can offer reviews and testimonials for other companies and ask them for backlinks. Most of the companies need testimonials to publish on their home page and you offering them the same will help them in improving their service.

You have to spend some time on research to know about how to give effective reviews and write some interesting testimonials to attract other companies. Then you should send them the reviews along with your proposal of getting a backlink. This is another effective way to generate quality backlinks for your website.

Link building is one of the most effective ways to rank websites and drive traffic. Strong and high authority backlinks will add credibility to your business.

About The Author:

Aarif Habeeb is an experienced Content Writer and Founder of DMC, a Jaipur Based Digital marketing company that specializes in SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and Website Design. With over 6 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry, Aarif is passionate about helping online businesses to increase their branding on the internet. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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