2020 DesignCap Review: How to Make a Christmas Invitation Cards

2020 DesignCap Review

As we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, also it has proved by studies social network posts with images would be more likely to be shared and consumed.  Therefore, whether you are a brand marketer, blogger, YouTuber, or community-based editor, it is your work-regular to make graphics for your content. 

Making an attractive picture is quite crucial for driving traffic, and how do you solve this problem? The good news is that a considerable number of online or offline programs are for you to use to create visual content. And yes, this article is going to show you one of the most useful online graphic editors DesignCap.

Designcap provides a variety of free templates, from posters, flyers, business cards, menus, brochures, to Facebook covers and posts, YouTube video pictures, Instagram. The best of it is that it supports 7 languages, including English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, French, and Chinese. 

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is a digital graphic design tool that allows us to create designs effortlessly.

It will offer you an efficient tool to use and very concise in its interface, opening the range of options for emerging digital graphic design. This is that users who can manage the design projects without being graphic designers.

How to make a Christmas invitation card with DesignCap?

It is dead-easy to make your graphics work with this tool. On the following, you will learn how to manage your projects in three easy steps. Look no further, here we go to check out how to play DesignCap review.

Step 1: Choosing a template or start from canvas?

Sure, if you want to save your works or download, share it, you should have your DSesignCap account. But if you’re going to skip this step, you can register your account until download files.

DesgnCap supports 3 ways of registering by Google account, facebook, and email account. After registering, you can click Get Started Now and select your template. The templates are mainly classified into four categories: effective social marketing, social media headers, social media post and events, which basically cover the needs of most people, whether online or offline. There are also some popular template types at the top, so you can quickly choose.


The templates are mainly classified into four categories: marketing, social media headers, social media post and events, which basically cover the needs of most people, whether online or offline.

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There are also some popular template types at the top, so you can quickly choose. There are quite many social media image options, and they are available on almost all popular social platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Besides, you do n’t have to choose by category. You can also select by size. Sometimes on the YouTube channel art template, you can also find templates suitable for marketing and blog cover.

As we are going to make Christmas invitation cards, so you can click the Template and enter certain keywords like Christmas and then choose your favorite one and then you can choose to preview or customize directly.

Step 2: Customize your template with your unlocking creativity

After landing on the Template editing page, you can use its tools to personalize. You would be pleased that the editing window is advertising-free. 

Take this template as an example to show you how to customize.


All elements in the picture can be modified like I changed the text to  DesignCap and delete some text.

The font, color, size, thickness, and spacing of the text can be adjusted. It is easy to edit them. Unlike other foreign online drawing tools, they are all put together and would be difficult to edit. The top bar will display the editors as you click specific elements. There are also seven main tools on the left, such as elements, photos, charts, uploads, modules, etc. There are many useful materials in the module tools. You may notice a lot of websites show their clients’ reviews like this. And by using modules, you can do that.

The background color can, of course, be changed. You can set it at your will.The upload function requires a registered account to use. In DesignCap, it is a maximum of 5 images allowed to upload for free accounts.

Step 3: save, download and share

After everything is designed, you can click the download in the upper right corner (requires account registration), set the name, format, and size, but the last two free versions cannot be download. PNG, PDF For paid subscribers only.

After knowing How-to use DesignCap, do you think it is easy to make your graphics work? DesignCap is very user-friendly for non-designer, so you would enjoy it.

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