How to Get the Best Identity Theft Protection

How to Get the Best Identity Theft Protection

Online businesses are finding it harder and harder to zero down on the best identity theft protection solution as KYC industry is being bombarded with the redundant solutions that promise a lot but fall short on performance standards and service delivery front. Many are limited in their approach and others just take it forever in the integration process. Online identity verification solutions are considered a safer bet to fight online identity theft, but only those are sufficient for identity theft prevention that offers Omni channel support, in addition to competitive pricing. In the below lines, all those points are explained that can help businesses to find one of the best identity theft protection that will reduce the threat of online identity theft without causing any a technical headache for the customer base

Identity theft protection services

The foremost feature of the best identity theft protection solution is that it will have a plethora of services to ensure that no person with an identity theft case will be registered. Facial verification, document verification, and address verification services are few common services that are must have as only an identity theft protection solution with all of these services will be able to ascertain the true identity of a person.

Verification Time

Admit it. No one likes to wait in the modern age and especially not for a verification process. Customer experience is surely going to drop significantly if an online business integrates a fraud prevention solution that takes more than 60 seconds. There are several online identity verification solutions out there that take even hours to complete a KYC verification procedure. Businesses working with such identity theft solutions are surely testing the patience of their customers, something that a serious business venture cannot afford.

KYC verification in Demo Mode

Marketing and sales team can say whatever they want to say about the effectiveness of their online identity verification system but it is important that you ask for a trial run to test the functioning of identity theft protection software. It will help you get the feel of the solution, how long it actually takes to perform verification, the service standards that a particular solution adheres to and much other crucial information that is impossible to find out, in marketing material. You are about to spend a substantial amount of money for utilizing an online identity theft protection solution and you must be able to check the efficiency of such a system.

Shufti Pro is one such identity theft protection service that not only has an impressive service pack of verification services, provides real-time verification results and has a demo mode for potential customers but even offers global language support and is available in every country of the world. Using Artificial Intelligence, Shufti Pro is surely the best identity theft protection solution as it has a RestFul API that can integrate easily with any pre-existing mobile application, web-based portal or online software, without a single second lost in downtime.

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