How AI is making people workdays more productive

How AI is making people workdays more productive

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term Artificial Intelligence? Robots like Iron from Richie Rich? Well, that’s basically the gist of it…except the functionality of this technology isn’t bound by a metal body. AI can operate wherever you want it to and however, you program it to. We have all seen movies where someone creates a robot for a specific purpose, but the plan blows up in their face when the robot develops a conscience of its own and begins to act according to its own will. AI is basically to give a machine a mind of its own so you don’t have to constantly supervise it.

Now, I know it sounds like a really bad idea to allow a bunch of machines to do as they please, leading to robots taking over the world and eventual WORLD DOMINATION – but let’s just ignore the could-be danger to the entirety of our species and try to focus on the positives emerging from the use of AI in our lives, and trust me – there’s a lot of them.

Ugh, Not Again. Let the Machines Repeat the Boring Work for You!

Isn’t it annoying when you have to repeat certain tasks over and over again manually, even though no new data input is required? AI solves this problem. You could spend the time saved using this technology to do something more useful and productive. For example, repetitive administrative work such as scheduling a meeting for consent on some important decision would be a waste of time to do manually if you have to send the email to 6 different people. AI could easily be taught to perform this action for us.

Machines Hiring Humans? ABORT MISSION!!

Machines Hiring Humans? ABORT MISSION!!

Oh no, another warning for the apocalypse? No, but in all seriousness, the hiring process is incredibly long and tiring. Scrutinizing resumes can be as boring as college application essay writing, a lot of tasks are tiresome and mundane. Depending on the number of vacancies you have, this could very easily occupy most of your valuable time and keep you from learning and growing as much as you need to in order to achieve long-term success. Different teams in a company require help in this department, and there are ways to make their work much easier. These people could benefit from the use of AI operated tools:

  • HR department
  • Recruiters
  • Hiring managers

Tools such as Palatine Analytics can perform tasks such as measuring employee performance and selecting the right candidate for promotion, without someone having to dedicate time and energy to those tasks that could otherwise be put to better use.

Our Helpers Need Help!

Wouldn’t it be convenient if instead of employees, automated systems could guide customers through the most trivial of matters? Basic, routine questions hold back employee support teams from their usual tasks which need to be tended to. This can be prevented easily using AI-powered Service Desks. This is how they improve productivity:

  • Automatically answering emails
  • Sending SMS to provide general information
  • Answering FAQs on social media as well as the company’s own website

Observe, Learn, Apply….to the New Employees

AI coaching tools are incredibly diligent. They observe employee behaviors specific to certain tasks and then use that information to train the new employees in a more efficient or productive way. Cogito is a great tool to help with this task.

Following are the tasks it will perform for you in order to save you a lot of time and effort:

  • Analyzing sales calls
  • Recording sales calls
  • Compiling statistics for each sales rep
  • Providing the appropriate tools required to close more deals

The Huge Amount of Data Confusing You? Break it down!

The process is more or less the same as of Uk assignment writing service online. Data is meaningless unless you have worthy comprehension to help you understand it. Now, of course, you could always hire a Data Scientist for this job, but firstly, the role isn’t the easiest to fill, and secondly, there’s another way. This is where AI comes in. Some users of AI tools for business data and analytics are as follows:

  • Collects company data
  • Predicts key business metrics
  • Scans data to fully understand it

A Bullet-Proof Bodyguard

Not exactly. Unless you think fraud prevention is the same thing as dodging a bullet? If any of your possessions (like your credit or debit card) have ever been used without your permission and you’ve been notified of it, you have the wonderful power of AI to thank. AI recognizes security breaches and detects them with ease.

  • Recognizes security risks
  • Protects the data of the company, as well as the employees and customers
  • Address detected threats

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Don’t Have Time to See a Therapist? AI Has Your Back!

Being the all-knowing entity that I am, I will assume you’re reading this blog on a screen. Possibly your smartphone? It is something we have with us at all times, and for some users who may be dealing with anxiety or depression, being able to go to therapy from their phones could be incredibly convenient. An example of such an app is Sanvello. It offers online counseling to whoever seeks it.  This method would give you the following benefits

  • Save time and money from therapy
  • Help you focus better on real-life tasks

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