The Top Affiliate Networks for Mobile Apps

The Top Affiliate Networks for Mobile Apps

A mobile affiliate network acts as a bridge between advertisers such as mobile app owners or enterprises that sell a particular product or service through mobile internet, and affiliates that are retained in performance-based promotion for the earlier. It works depending either on CPA (Cost-per-action) strategy when affiliates get rewarded when a user installs an app or revenue sharing model.

An app affiliate network provides app owners and marketers with a robust platform to monetize their apps including mobile web traffic. Because of tons and tons of mobile apps on the Play Store and App Store, it becomes highly challenging for businesses to not only market and promote their apps but also make money out of them. Finally, they end up discovering an alternative revenue model. Now, this is where affiliate networks come into the picture. App affiliate networks let marketers leverage their built alliances with advertisers and acquire access to traffic offers in multiple verticals and places.

Affiliate marketers are not exactly proficient in reaching out to advertisers with particular traffic needs. It is a time taking task and requires building relationships that they don’t have enough expertise or time.

Let’s take a look at some of the best affiliate networks for mobile apps to consider and partner with to generate more revenue for your business.

1. Yeahmobi

Founded in 2011 by Peter Zou and Frank Wang, Yeahmobi is one of the leading mobile performance marketing companies that directly work with 500+ advertisers. It assists mobile apps, mobile games, and online businesses in expanding their reach and acquiring new customers.

Their core strategy is working directly with advertisers on a CPI and CPA basis on a wide range of multiple campaigns that include Mobile entertainment campaigns, Mobile Tools Apps, Mobile Sweepstakes, Mobile Games, and Mobile Dating Campaigns.

2. ClickDealer

A global marketing agency, ClickDealer specializes in CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI, and CPS models and focuses on providing quality-rich services to online businesses for explosive growth and uses cutting-edge in-house technology.

Through direct collaboration with advertisers, a strong network of which lets them provide exclusive and more beneficial conditions for its partners. ClickDealer operates in the most lucrative verticals which include social media platforms, Gaming, E-commerce, etc.


Founded in 2012, it is a programmatic network for affiliate networks. The company’s affiliate network lets app owners transform their traffic with both CPA and CPI campaigns. Having more than 20, 000 registered affiliates across the globe; they offer an 80% flat revenue share.

With more than 600 million clicks every month and present in nearly 150 markets; they are completely focused on mobile content and apps. 

Mobidea’s key features include Smartlink® traffic auto-optimize, CPA & CPI support, focus on VOD, utilities & dating apps, and global presence. 

Albeit there are various brands of referral tracking software and affiliate marketing software in the market, what distinguishes a good mobile app affiliate network is the way they maintain their relationship with the advertisers and their capability to provide affiliates with top-quality traffic orders in various geo locations and verticals.

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